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Grow Your Business:

    With CCPADVERTISING pay-per-click network, you can advertise on quality publisher's websites within minutes.

    100% increase of your advertising ROI. Our contextual advertising delivers the most relevant ads to the right audience.

    Drive Traffic to Your Website. Easily build quality links around the web.


    Set up cross device branding and performance campaigns to engage users and convert them into paying customers.



Choose the technology that fit for your advertising needs:

Contextual Advertising

    Precisely reach your ideal audience

    Automatically scan keywords and deliver targeted ads

    Achieve higher click through rate and conversions

online pay per click advertising

Programmatic Advertising

    Leverage big data to optimize campaigns

    Track and analyze visitors' behavior for targeted ads

    Effort-free campaign management system

text ad, banner ad, movie/video ad

Benefits for Advertisers:

    PPC Advertising Campaigns Are Highly Targeted

A well planned pay per click campaign brings in lots of your Target Market consumers.

    Get Traffic, and Convert That Website Traffic Into Conversions FAST

Organic SEO results Local Listings don’t happen instantly, or even overnight. While those search engine results take time, PPC gives you almost instantaneous results for those who need it NOW!

    You Get Exactly What You Pay For

With pay per click advertising you only pay when your ads are performing, not when they are sitting there unnoticed.

    Brand Your Company

Even when your ad doesn’t get clicked it’s still working. Because PPC ads are usually located in areas that get seen your ad will be viewed and consumers will recognize/identify your company.

    Your Competition Is Most Likely Already Doing It

Don’t let your competitors have an advantage over you; beat them in all aspects of business.

    Monitor the performance of your ads

Use the Advertiser Center to monitor the performance of your ads by customizing dozens of online reports and integrate our performance counter in order to track your conversions on real-time.

    Create your ads in minutes

Easily create, upload and edit your ads. Simply choose a title, two lines of a description and you are set to go. You can also upload image ads (banners) in multiple ad formats.

    Pay only for the clicks you receive

We use a pay per click advertising (ppc) model which means that you only pay for the clicks you receive. You choose how much you are willing to pay for each click in each of the categories you have chosen to display your ads on.

    Set the max price you are willing to pay per click

We automatically optimize your cost-per-click bids closest to your nearest competitor, so you get the best price available for your traffic.

Access thousands of independent publishers at-once

    Global Solutions

More than just being the best we are also one of the biggest ad networks. Gain access to our wide-scale network worldwide. Your ads will get the exposure they deserve. we provide you with the infrastructure to globally expand your overall ad impressions.

    Smart Viewable

Get your ads seen by the right users. Triggered by real user engagement, our advanced units yield more than 90% ad view ability rates. This means more conversions and higher traffic quality.

    Cross Platform

Our ads are deployed on a multitude of platforms, including text link ads, banners, image/photo ads, flash/movie ads, toolbars and software bundles.

Ad Formats

Display Image/photo ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, and Flash/movie Ads on Website We integrate and display high performing campaigns by quality brand advertisers through a variety of ad placement options.

Type of Advertising Channels:

    Text Ads

Text ads are an excellent way to display ads and give advertisers an opportunity to grab visitor's attention and represent the offer both visually and by using text. Photo text ads will look good on any website and can be placed on your website's left, right, or center panels.

    Banner Display Ads

Banner ads provide great results and can easily be integrated in almost every site design. Relevant ads are displayed and optimized according to the website's content and category.

1. Standard sizes (468X60, 728X90, 120X600, 160X600, 336X280, 300X250)
2. Upload and save banners.
3. Target demographics and target categories.

Ads are displayed according to your website's category and content.

    Photo/Image Ads

1. Product Image (60pix X 60Pix)(60pix X 60Pix)
2. Text content up to 200 characters and,
3. Call to action link.

    Flash/movie Ads

You can add movie or short video in your ads. It is very most effective in the advertisement.

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